Overflowing Sink or Drain


Overflowing Sink or Drain

There are times when water will leak, or worse still, pipes will burst. As water expands, it freezes. If the water expands in a closed environment, like the water pipe for example, pressure is developed and placed on the inner walls of the pipe, may it be made of iron, lead or PVC plastic. The pressure then weakens the pipe structure, causing it to leak or burst.

Leaking pipes at home or at office can cause major damage to your property, and subsequent problems to other areas of your home or office which are often costly!

D&N Plumbing Services can handle all sorts of overflowing sink or drains and water leaking issues. Our plumbers can repair any pipe damages caused by leaking water or bursting pipes. We will ensure all your pipes are well insulated against the cold, and replace any defective pipes with durable ones. To prevent further damage in the future, we will check your other pipes to see if they need fixing, and survey the surrounding areas to check for any water overflows or leakages.

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