Strata & Commercial


Strata & Commercial

D&N Plumbing Services is an all-around plumbing service provider. We have the resources, the manpower and experience, and more importantly our experts can provide the solutions for all kinds of plumbing problems.

Our highly qualified plumbing technicians can provide an extensive range of general plumbing services for residential and commercial premises. Servicing Sydney and its surrounding suburbs, we specialise in equipment installations, plumbing repair and replacement, leak detection, installation of more efficient plumbing solutions and upgrading of plumbing set-up.

  • Natural Gas/ LPG Gas/ Gas Hot Water
  • We design, supply, install and repair natural gas, LPG gas, and gas hot water technologies. D&N Plumbing Services uses the safest gas piping and water materials for your home.
  • Taps/ Showers/ Sinks/ Baths
  • We install and repair taps, showers, sinks, baths and other toilet and kitchen accessories for all commercial and residential properties in Sydney. We will ensure your sinks, sewers and showers drain properly.
  • Backflow Prevention/ RPRD Daily check
  • We install backflow prevention device to protect water supplies from contamination, thus preventing possible hazards.
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves Annual Testing
  • In compliance with Australian legislation, we conduct thermostatic mixing valves testing every year. We service and test thermostatic mixing valves as our plumbers are trained to work with various brands and models of valves.
  • Pipes and Leaks
  • Our plumbers are experts in pipe repairs or replacement and leak detection. For pipe replacement, we make sure we replace your defective pipes with durable ones. We also check out for leaks.
  • Gas Pipes
  • D&N Plumbing Services understands the complex process of gas piping that requires tapping into Sydney’s natural gas pipeline gird and installation of new pipe. We assure to provide a smooth and quick gas pipe installation without leaving a mess.
  • Toilet Plumbing
  • D&N Plumbing Services have the tools, modern day technology and expertise to provide quality toilet plumbing services. No matter what type of toilet plumbing work you need to be done, our plumbers can do the right job. We can install, repair and maintain any toilet plumbing accessories.



Our Mission

We at D&N Plumbing Services pride ourselves on:

  • Punctuality
  • High level of customer service
  • Competitive rates
  • Attention to detail and workman ship


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